Monday, March 14, 2011


I promised you all I would blog today, so here I go.

   My ankle and wrist on my right side and my left knee have been particularly bad today. When at the computer lab in language arts, two of my knuckles on my left hand turned bright red and looked a little puffy.
   I get by okay with writing in class now that I have this cool grip thing on my pencil that my occupational therapist gave me. The most frustrating part of my day; science class. Why? Well, my joints are pretty bad there anyway, since I'm still recovering from walking to lunch and physical activity *cough cough recess*. Plus, science usually involves scissors, which I can't even think about using at this point.
   In science, I sit beside this kid named, well, we'll just called him 'R'. Anyway, 'R' usually ends up doing most of the work since I can't bend my fingers into weird ways and write and color and cut and stuff like that. Most of the other tables are four-person tables, but it's just me and 'R' at a two-person table. I feel so poorly for him! I can barely do the work and I feel awful when he is stuck doing it. 'R' is also one of the kindest people to have to deal with my arthritis. He is alway asking me if I need help and I can tell he genuinely cares. Why, he'll even tell the science teacher if he thinks I'm struggling and ask her to assist me. So 'R', if you're reading this, thank you!
   I have been refered to as 'the kid with arthritis' several times now, but not because of my blog. No, I named my blog after all those titles were thrown around. Do I mind? Of course not. It would be wrong to mind. If that's the only way they know me, then fine. Call me the kid with arthritis. It honestly doesn't bother me. I just hope that whoever thinks I'm that and that alone should probably get to know me better. I'd love to know them!
   So do I define myself as the kid with arthritis? Not singularly. I define myself as a sixth grader, spunky, creative, messy, moody, and fun. Arthritis is just on the side. It's like food coloring and water. Arthritis is the food coloring, and the water is me. You can put the food coloring into the water, and it will be very visible, very obvious that it's there. Yet when you taste it, you can't tell the difference between the colorful water and the plain water. (Trust me, my sister and I tested this out.) So everyone sees my arthritis, and refers to me like that, but when you get to know me, arthritis is really just on the side. Not that it hasn't shaped who I am. It has. Sure, being defined as the kid with a problem can hurt, but we just have to remember that the more vulnerable we become and the more we open up the less we get called that. It's fine when people call me the kid with arthritis. Because truly I am the kid with arthritis, at least in smaller communities. In bigger communities, however, I am a kid with arthritis.
   Why is my blog called, 'The Kid With Arthritis' then, if I am truly more than my disease? Well, living with arthritis is the topic of my blog, that's why. Also, I think that there are too many old people arthritis blogs and blogs from moms with children who have arthritis but not enough blogs from actual kids. No mom can tell how their kid feels, they can only tell how they feel about their kid. This is for all the kids with arthritis who want to know how other kids feel. But it is not only for other kids with arthritis. It's also for people with different challenges, or even with no particular challenges at all right now.
   Not that this is truly important, but I am making banana cupcakes right now, and they are soooooo good. I also made my own pizza dough (I used yeast and yes, Dana, it went well!) and I am making chicken salad for the rest of my family (all with the help of my little sister). I'm a vegetarian; none of them are. My mom doesn't eat red meat but that doesn't really count.
   My rheumatologist (whom I love to death) really wants me to see the original Karate Kid movie. Something about wax on wax off. I don't know. I'll see it, though. Time to hit the Demand channels and Netflix!

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  1. I still cannot fathom how you have so manage to convey so much awesomeness in every single post. You are one truly rad person :).

    Also on the down side my email has been playing up on my phone and I don't have a computer at the moment, will email you again hopefully late Friday!



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