Monday, May 23, 2011

Millions of Moments

   Today, I thought about why I even started this blog in the first place. I finally came to a conclusion that writing saves me when I feel as if I'm going to break. Of course, a majority of my days, though pain-filled, are beautiful and marvelous. I don't always feel as if I'm going to break. (Which is way different than feeling like I'm going to fall down from arthritis.) Even so, when I do, writing my blog helps me recall memories from my past. Memories of better moments. Soon, I am so enclosed in my moment that I am nowhere to be found. My face advertises a blank expression. The happiest words I've ever heard echo around me, and I am able to relive them in my head. As soon as the picture fogs up and then disappears, I am able to apply the happy thoughts in even the worst of situations.
   I don't think people realize how much I've learned from this. Everyone learns something important and unique at some point in their life. Since that point is now for me, I hope that I am like an ingredient in a recipe. Adding something to your recipe for life. Then, after you combine it with all your ingredients, it might taste just a tiny bit sweeter.
   Isn't a tiny bit all we need at times?
   I have been feeling okay lately, and brilliant for part of today. I'm not saying that there was no pain; it was just to a lesser degree.
   The other day I was watching a commercial with London and Addie (two of my friends) about butterflies you grow in your home. It then occurred to me how much I love butterflies. Probably for the most shallow of reasons. But that's okay. I can be deep with other things.
   I am now a huge fan of Adele, especially 'Someone Like You' and 'Turning Tables'. I need an Adele piano book. I absolutely LOVE piano, and I have spent too long clunking around trying to pick out notes. I'm going to get lazy and find a book.
   People are hiding something from me. I will not elaborate on this.
   To Addie and London: Remember Drizzle?





  2. You all are lucky I didn't have a heart attack :)

  3. Haha and Yes I miss Drizzle :( LOL


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