Monday, May 30, 2011

Perfection to Remember

   Our school went to an amusement park which I will not name for location privacy purposes. We rode there on an activity bus. I sat beside my friend Dana. I brought poems, wrote poems, wrote a letter, listened to music on my iPod, read a Nicholas Sparks book, and talked/laughed with Dana on the way there. Suddenly, a wave of excitement crashed upon the bus, as one of the boys claimed to see one of the big rides. Everyone was so excited! It was lovely to see everyone so happy, and though my excitement was not as great as theirs, (I'm the calmer type) I marveled at seeing them all so ecstatic. (My friends commented that I don't really have many facial expressions.)
   We got our lunch passes and tickets then got into our groups. My mother, physical therapists, and I had agreed that it would be best for me to rent a wheelchair there. I did not want to hold my friends back and be the weak link; it would not have been fair to my friends. Luckily, our chaperon, my friend's dad, was very understanding and assisted me in the process of renting and returning the wheelchair as well as pushing it. My friends also helped push me around. To all of my friends (even London, who scared me to death as she pushed that thing around): thank you so much!
   Anyway, we all had a ton of fun. We were in line for one of the rides; our group had split up. All of the sudden, a teacher came up to us and asked, "Are you all from (the school we go to)?" nodded. "The buses are leaving. We have to go, now." He said it with an urgency that made us run (well, I rolled) to our chaperon and race to get the other half of our group. Finally, after they came back, it began pouring rain. Our chaperon checked the wheelchair back in for me and all of my friends ran back to the bus, ankle-deep in murky water. I walked slowly and painfully, watching the rain pound so hard on the ground that it caused ripples of waves on the pavement. I smiled, thinking back to my blog post 'Rain's Advocate'. Water squished in my tennis shoes, and my hair got seriously curly and messed up. My pink shirt and denim shorts were literally soaked, and water droplets were clinging on to my eyelashes. I would've looked the same if I'd jumped into a pool. Finally, our chaperon caught up with me and walked with me (how sweet!) to the bus. We were the last ones on and the wettest. I climbed up the steep stairs and all eyes became hooked on us as we stepped into view.
   My language arts teacher and science teacher, both of whom attended the field trip, looked at me. "Are you okay?" My language arts teacher asked me kindly.
   "Oh, yeah, I'm okay," I laughed, running my fingers through my hair in an attempt to keep it untangled and straight (which proved unsuccessful). Everyone on the bus was grumpy and wet and exhausted. "Stop," I told them. "This will make the trip memorable. We're going to look back at it and say 'remember when we went to the amusement park and it rained like crazy and then we went, soaking wet, to (insert restaurant name here)?" Gradually, the whole bus lightened up and laughed it off.
   So thank you to everyone on that bus. Thank you London for your view of Lindsay Lohan on The Parent Trap, Mr. Bus Driver for driving our bus, Dana for helping me with my list, my teachers and our chaperon for ensuring the safety of all of us, Alexus for dancing in the rain, Joey and Amber for being awesome, Deja for pretending to suffer from amnesia, and tons of others. I love you guys and I always will!
   It was on this trip, in the moment that I felt that my life was impeccable. Pain and problems can't stop me.
   Thank you for the best day ever.



  1. Yeah it was AWESOME!!! awwww thanks rachel and you're awesome too

  2. This made me cry! I really don't know why but it did.

  3. see rachel? u have bad days but there are always gonna be outstanding days and u need to remember those when u get upset?

    love ya and always will!

  4. Hahaha that was the funnest trip EVER! LOL yeah I don't even remember what I was saying about Lindsay Lohan but it was HILARIOUS!.. PS I'm aware that I'm commenting on all of you new/old posts haha

  5. It's weird to think that was over a year ago! :'( Awwww memories!


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