Friday, May 13, 2011

Rain's Advocate

   'Pocketful of Sunshine' and 'Walking on Sunshine' both emphasize the link between  positive things and the sun. If you say you had a rainy day, it is automatically an indicator that you mean you had a bad day. But why? Of course, people don't like to be wet when they are walking to work in the morning, going outside, etc. Still, the rain is not going to just stop, and if it did we'd all be wishing we hadn't complained about our curly hair and wet clothes. I mean, I understand why the rain can be annoying. But the sun beating down on us can be just as bad. 
   Since the rain is not going to stop, why not enjoy it? It is so much fun to spin around and dance in the pouring rain; it makes you feel like a part of the earth rather than an addition. (By the way, if you have arthritis, rain flares it up, so I can understand the hesitance there.) Even so, from now on, I am rain's advocate.
  So I think I have arthritis in my hips. Today was a bad day. No, today was an awful day. No, today was one of my worst days ever. I have had so many teachers help me this week. I'll abbreviate to keep this short.
Thank you to...

My Language Arts Teacher
My School Guidance Counselor
My Spanish Teacher
My Science Teacher
   I saw Stacie! It made my day absolutely perfect. 



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