Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming to a Close

   Arthritis commercials make me mad. They act like it's only that people with arthritis have trouble climbing stairs and it hurts a little bit. From connecting with other people with arthritis and personal experience, I know that the pain is much worse. It's excruciating. The kind of pain where you think, What if it never goes away? Would life be worth living? Yeah, it can be that bad. Of course, there are many degrees of arthritis severity and pain. I try not to look as they show what seems like a mild, nagging pain on the television. I have a feeling that the commercial creators do not suffer from arthritis.
   Anyway, my arthritis has been okay, I guess. My hips have been really bothering me. They sometimes hurt more than my knees, which is saying a lot, considering my knees pretty much murder me. I mean, actually I murder my knees, at least my immune system does. Thanks a lot, immune system!
   I am on a muscle relaxer, because I have muscle tension and a pain syndrome on top of my arthritis. It's weird to think that in a month I will have had arthritis for a year. I had to see an opthamologist today, because kids with arthritis can get eye inflammation called uveitis. (See More About JRA for more information.) My eyeballs are good!
   I learned what people have been keeping from me today. Here's what happened:
   All of a sudden, some of my friends come bursting out of the closet, tossing balloons. This closet that is usually only used when Dana, London and I are hiding presents for teachers, is holding about fifteen people. It was insane. I was very confused at first (I swear they're lucky I'm not dead from a heart attack), but then they all came towards me hugging me and wishing me a happy birthday. I laughed and hugged all of them multiple times. It was a surprise party for me! How incredibly sweet! I received a mountain of cards and gifts. Thank you all so much! It was lovely and beautiful and all those types of things!
  So as for my arthritis, I'm okay, though I am in the midst of a tsunami of pain.
  School ended today. Let me tell you, I cried. I hugged everyone, even people I barely know. Give me some time, and I'll tell you why it was so upsetting for me.  


  1. i think that was the most interesting thing i have ever herd you should be a poet

    -khyle dixon

  2. Hi Rachel it's Apoorva. That party was really unexpected. Even the people in the class didn't know about it! And, I think you're a VERY talented writer :)

  3. Khyle - thank you for reading my blog. It means a lot to me. I write poems all the time, so look for some in future posts.

    Apoorva - I miss you! Thank you so much!

  4. ...and I thought you knew of the party but was being your usual shy self. It was a very special moment - thanks for the memory.

    Ms. Griffith


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