Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayers for Bella

   A dog is a man's best friend, right? Well, Bella is my best friend. She is my German Shepherd. I love that dog to death. She is 5 years old now, and we got her as a puppy. Bella and I have some good ol' memories.

   She was staying at the kennel for a little while. She had been having some trouble with her hind leg lately and when the vet did x-rays she found arthritis in her knee (I feel ya, Bella!) and a torn tendon. They decided to perform surgery on her. Anyway, we were eating breakfast when my mom's phone rang. She ran out of the restaurant to get reception and found signal outside of the restaurant. We could see her through the window, and we could tell she was talking to the vet. It worried us as she paced back and forth and looked sorrowful. Instantly, we all became frantic and anxious.
   I had a weird feeling. I wanted her to get off of the phone and come tell us what happened to end the feeling of suspense. At the same time, I was worried something very bad had happened, and I didn't want to lose the normalcy in my life. Bella is always there for me, even when people aren't.
   My mother finally got off of the phone after what seemed like eternity. I had eaten a few bites of my pancake but couldn't eat anymore without feeling sick. My mother came back in and sat down. "What happened to Bella?" I asked instinctively.
   "She's okay," my mother said first, sensing my urgency. "They couldn't do the surgery. She has some sort of bone deformity, so they're going to do a different surgery to fix that leg. It will take six weeks of recovery instead of the two or the days the other surgery would have taken. They can't do the other surgery because she would have a high risk of fracture." We all breathed a sigh of relief. Still, I felt awful. My poor Bella!
   "She's also going to have to go to physical therapy. She'll need to go on this underwater treadmill, and there's a place in (city) that she can go to." We all sort of laughed at the thought of that.
   "Maybe I'll just bring her along with me. Think I can convince Stacie to exercise Bella, too?" We all laughed.
   So now Bella and me and both in physical therapy. I feel so bad for that dog. She has had several surgeries, because she also has this calcium buildup thing in her neck. Please pray for her to have a full recovery.


  1. omg Rachel i am so sorry i hope she gets better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)

  2. Awww rach! I am praying for Bella and for you!


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