Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Poem of Thanks

   I originally wrote this poem to my rheumatologist (in February, when I was pleased with my treatment program), but a lot of it also applies to everyone who has helped me in my struggles with arthritis, including my teachers, friends, physical therapists, doctors, blog-readers, family, and millions more.

I cried and you,
Comforted me,
I screamed and you,
Heard me,
I pleaded and you,

The night before,
I cried,
No one could,
Truly understand,
The pain and,
The hurt.

I only knew,
The darker path,
You provided,
A sanctuary,
Of healing and,
Of truth.

Thank you isn’t,
Nearly enough,
Because when I was lost,
You pulled me out,
When I grow up,
I’ll be like you.

No one explained it,
Without me feeling,
Utterly crushed,
But you provided,
Hope and a future,
To a sick little girl.

Soon I’ll feel better,
Because you cared,
You found the reason,
When no one else could,
My gratitude for you,
Will never cease.

I cried happy tears and you,
Kept on talking,
I laughed and you,
Laughed with me,
I smiled and you,

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  1. unbelievable! you are an amazing writer


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