Monday, August 22, 2011

The Glass Box

   I know it's like the longest poem ever but the lines are short so bear with me! I wrote this poem on a really bad day and I hope people in every type of "negative" situation can relate to it. 

She’s trapped in,
A glass box,
She’s helpless,
She knows,
What the world,
Around her,
Looks like,
But fate traps her,
And won’t free her.
People try to help her,
But they can’t,
And so they move on,
With their own,
Beautiful lives.
Some of them come back,
To spend time with her,
But they don’t understand,
How badly,
She needs to get out.
Specialists come and see her,
They tell her to live with it,
They are not,
Wise enough,
To know that she’s screaming,
She screams until,
Her throat hurts,
But the sound is muffled,
Through the thick glass.
She can’t help,
But feel like,
Merely an infant,
Defenseless and small,
Helpless as always.
And everyday,
Her hope shrinks,
As people and doctors,
Pass by and stare,
At her funny gait.
They’ve given up,
And she doesn’t know,
What to do,
Because no one,
Can relate to her,
She desperately needs,
A hand to hold,
Not just a friend’s,
A caregiver’s.
She’s lonely,
No one understands,
As much as they try,
They keep failing,
They keep losing.
She can’t help,
But wonder,
What she’s missing,
As she looks around,
From her box of glass.
She cries every night,
And no one knows,
The whole story,
All of it,
Thrown at her,
At once,
She’s overwhelmed,
She can’t take,
More burdens.
So she lets go.


  1. Oh my goodness Rachel!!
    That almost made me start crying! I do not totally understand how you feel on your bad days because what you have to go through is so much harder than what I have to deal with. But I do know the feeling of helplessness and how everyone thinks why can't she participate, I also somewhat know about the feeling of being in pain! But you are my inspiration Rach!

  2. Rachel,
    I hope that you know, even though I might not always understand, that I always be there to confide in you.

    Love You,

  3. Sorry! I meant that I will Always be there for you to confide in... love u


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