Friday, August 26, 2011

My Day

   Reflecting on the day, it was very, er, interesting. It began with me scurrying around as usual, then my mom dropping me off at school. I began my day by talking to my friends. Then I tripped and fell on the way to class. When I got to chorus, I spent five minutes straight thinking about nothing but one teacher who had changed teams and all the pride he had in his old team. In language arts, I drew a pig. In social studies, I looked at my teacher's wife's driver's license from a while ago. Then in science, well, I'm not completely allowed to say what happened there, but it was pretty much the weirdest most fun science class ever.
   Next, in math, we had a sub. I was so amazed that one person could talk while the rest of the class was silent. I mean, seriously. I looked like a kid with twenty boxes of sharp crayons.
   When I got home, I had a deep conversation about dolphins, drowning, and overly large houses. Then I had an online conversation with one of my sorta-kinda friends and found out that he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met.
   So that's my day.


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