Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Inner Artist

   Last night, around 11 o'clock or so, I painted. Yes, painted. I painted a story, a sunset in a forest, and a splatter picture. The story would look strange to anyone but me. It is mostly a collection of different sorts of lines placed in a way that explained so much of my life. My sunset was gorgeous, if I do say so myself (but the trees weren't as good as I would have liked them to be). The sunset was made up of pink, yellow, lavender, and sky blue streaks on yellow paper. My "splatter" picture was very abstract, and all I did was jerk the paintbrush so the paint would fly across my paper.
   I had fun.
   I find that now that I have been physically limited, I have turned to more artsy things. I am currently involved in painting, Gingerbread (trust me, VERY artsy), hand bells, chorus, cello, piano*, making photo books/calendars/cards with Shutterfly, and drawing/sketching. So I guess this is the "new me".
   Still, I miss the athletic me.


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