Monday, September 12, 2011

My Very Mature Family

      Most people would describe my parents as serious and quiet. Don't get me wrong - they are HUGE on fun (probably more than me, but then again, people say I'm serious, too). They are just more calm around co-workers and pretty much everyone but me and my sister. My dad is ALL the time cracking jokes he learned from his dad, and my mom gets so into some things that no one can hide their laughter.
      As we were grocery shopping, I learned of all the very immature things my parents have done in stores. One of my family members once went on the speaker and said, "Child hurt in the toy aisle," just to get a laugh. My grandmother of all people stuck toilet plungers down the aisle and positioned them so that no carts could get around them. As a child, my grandfather peeled all the bananas in the banana section. A scene from my dad's childhood:
      "So you're talking in my class? Do you want to teach the class?" The teacher asked my dad.
      My dad walked to the front of the room. "Okay, class dismissed." He said contently.
I had to share these stories because they are the secret to success in life; being able to laugh. Sometimes it's nice to know that my seemingly perfect parents have it in them to just have fun sometimes.



  1. I want parents like that!!!

  2. Hahaha yeah they're pretty great. Sorry I'm responded SOOOOO late!


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