Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Poem

    I am in a writing club at school (surprise, surprise) and we had to create either a short story or poem using five words randomly selected from the dictionary. My words were equipment, let up, Canada, develop, and orange. Due to my obsession with poetry, I went for a poem. Maybe you'll like it!

She was traveling,
Getting away,
From her tiny,
Miniature world.

Canada wasn't,
Too far ahead,
Only a few,
Million moments.

Her equipment,
For life was packed,
In a small duffel bag,
And a huge heart.

The rain let up,
As an orange sunset,
Took its place,
In the mournful sky.

Her hair was,
Beginning to develop,
A curly texture,
Due to the humidity.

Millions of moments,
Until Canada,
Until peace,
Until then.



  1. Rachel! you r so goood at writing poems

  2. Aww thanks Amelia...this one definitely wasn't that good though.

  3. haha, whatever rachel.....


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