Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little Things I Love About Life

1. I love how two of my teachers emailed me at the exact same time down to the minute a few days ago. What a coincidence!

2. I love being in Super Target and cranking up a model radio on a local hit station to hear Adele's pure voice singing "Someone Like You". I instantly appreciated the song and proceeded to half-blast it. Over the course of that shopping trip, I saw eight people stopping, enjoying the music, and even singing along. I'm glad to know that I can brighten people's days.

3. I love social studies. I have the best friends in that class and we share the weirdest moments (Who watches a hen lay an egg? Sicko!)

4. I love waking up to purple light shining into my light blue room and music playing softly.

5. I love making cookies with my two favorite people in the world.

6. I love playing with toddlers and watching their faces light up at things I became disenchanted with years ago.

7. I love when it gets really cold and I get to use like twenty blankets and everything but my head is under the covers.

8. I love it when a song comes onto the radio that I used to love but I sort of forgot about! (Funny how we can still remember the lyrics to songs we last heard a year ago...maybe it's just me).

Shout outs to Annie, Gen, and Taylor. You guys are the best!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Poem

    I am in a writing club at school (surprise, surprise) and we had to create either a short story or poem using five words randomly selected from the dictionary. My words were equipment, let up, Canada, develop, and orange. Due to my obsession with poetry, I went for a poem. Maybe you'll like it!

She was traveling,
Getting away,
From her tiny,
Miniature world.

Canada wasn't,
Too far ahead,
Only a few,
Million moments.

Her equipment,
For life was packed,
In a small duffel bag,
And a huge heart.

The rain let up,
As an orange sunset,
Took its place,
In the mournful sky.

Her hair was,
Beginning to develop,
A curly texture,
Due to the humidity.

Millions of moments,
Until Canada,
Until peace,
Until then.


Friday, December 9, 2011


   My arthritis doesn't stop me from doing everything. I have been making some pretty wicked pancakes with my friend 'D' every time she comes over. We made a letters, stars, swirls, hearts, and perfect circles. Last time we made them, they were either burned or practically just batter. This time, however, we passed!
   "D, how do you expect me to flip a swirl?" I asked. I was flipping and monitoring the pancakes while she was pouring the batter in unique shapes on the pan. We laughed as I attempted it, which only broke it into two pieces. The second piece was in the shape of a liver. So I ate the liver pancake, and she got the swirl.
    We don't make full-sized pancakes, only Silver Dollars. So it took us about an hour, even though we had two pans going at once. I have determined that I like experiencing the process more than eating the pancakes.
    I read a recent blog post where the author wrote everything that was on her bulletin board. I decided that I will do this, just for the fun of it, and for your amusement.

4 Drawings - One of a sunset, one of a person, one of a kitchen, and the other a person as well. (All drawn by me, except the kitchen one, which was drawn by my sister)
Foam Cross - That I made in like 2nd grade in Sunday school. It says faith and has hearts and a dove (all stickers)
California Postcard - My fifth grade teacher went to California and brought us back postcards.
Fancy Name Thing - I drew it, and it says Rachel, with different colors around it. Hard to explain.
Birthday Card - From my friend 'D'!
Note - A very sweet letter from my friend 'A'.
Amusement Park Ticket - From our 6th grade field trip
Bakery Contact Card - I got it after they let me try a free cupcake before a running race.
Bookmark - My sister made it, and it says my name.
Build-A-Bear Certificate - From last summer. I'm convinced that I'm secretly five years old.
Hospital Bracelet - I got a pink hospital bracelet because the nurses love me. I am showing it off. ;)
A Giant, Orange 'R' - That my friend made for me as a birthday gift.
Collage of Song Titles - My friend randomly made this for me, and I absolutely adore it.

That's all for now!