Monday, January 23, 2012

Good Things - Good People?

    A phrase I've heard a lot lately is "Good things happen to good people". I am strongly against this. While I do believe that you will be treated much better by your peers and co-workers if you chose to be what I view as a "good person", I disagree with the thought that hardships don't come to good people. What about the kids from Uganda I met almost a year ago, who had perfectly gorgeous hearts and minds but sitting on the floor of a run-down school? Or infants who die right at birth?
    What I do believe is that "good" people make "good" things out of "bad" situations. You can look at someone's life and, judging by their attitude, you would think it was perfect when really it is tattered and run-down. On the flip side, you can look at someone who has everything and they're all depressed about things that they actually have to work for. I am not trying to say that if you have that "perfect life" you are a depressed, spoiled brat. I completely stick to my belief that you can have both.
    Except now we come to the question of what is considered good in society and what is considered bad. I believe that good is putting others before yourself, and bad is decadent** and selfish. I hope this serves as a sort of reference for the paragraph above.
    The truth is that everyone has hardships in life, and though some are significantly greater than others, everybody hurts. Being a "good" person might make these experiences less painful, but being a "good" person won't prevent these type of things from happening.
    I've read* that when people are diagnosed with chronic illnesses they often ask, "why me?" I can't exactly say I can relate to this, because of all the feelings I ever went through the "why me?" was not one of them.
    I am an avid believer that "why not me?" is a superior question.

*It's not like I have actual proof of this or anything.
**Catch that, LA kids?


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  1. Rachel,
    I wish that everybody who has had something bad, unfortunate, or frustrating happen in their life could read this and truly understand the meaning of what you are trying to say. i also wish that everybody who gets whatever they want whenever they want could read this too, and understand it.
    Love ya,


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