Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Dreaded Word

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   I am proud of that fact that I am strong enough to live with arthritis.
   Not that I have a choice, but it makes me stronger. It opens doors. It reminds me of my values and what's really important. One thing I've struggled with this year is people avoiding the subject of my arthritis.
(Common Scene)
    Other Person (OP): Does that hurt your, uh, your...
    Me: My arthritis?
    OP (Looks away awkwardly): Yeah, that.
    Me: I don't care if you say it.
    OP: Say what?
    Me: Arthritis. It doesn't bother me.
    OP: Oh, okay. Arthritis.
    Me: And the answer to your question is yes. But it's fine.
    I can't help but laugh a little at these scenarios. People treat it as if avoiding it makes it better. I understand that the intentions are good, but it just creates an even more tense situation than before. Point of the story is, "arthritis" isn't a bad word.
    The other thing about arthritis is that it is an unknown and invisible disease. My arthritis is not visible without advanced technology and no one knows what I'm talking about at first when I explain my condition. I wrote a little poem about that. :)

Maybe if they knew,
Maybe if they felt it,
Maybe if they could see it,
Maybe if it wasn't so invisible,
Things would be different.

Maybe if they understood,
Maybe if they realized it,
Maybe if they looked deeper,
Maybe if it wasn't so cruel,
Things would be different.

    I hope you like my poem!!!!!!!!
Be sure to look for a "Do Speak" post in the upcoming week. (It'll be like the Don't Speak post except with positive things to say.)


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