Monday, March 5, 2012

Do Speak

    So this is kind of a different version of the Don't Speak post. It has POSITIVE things to say opposed to the negative things mentioned in Don't Speak. I hope you find it useful!

1. "How can I help?"
    Why? Because it shows that you care and are more concerned with me as an individual than the disease I have.
2. "What is arthritis?"
    Why? I put this one in the positive category, but it really has very little connotation. I don't mind if people ask me this (teaching opportunity!) since it's better than just standing there awkwardly.
3. "I'm always here for you."
     Why? This is perfect because you're not saying that you understand but you are saying that you realize that I'm in pain.
4. "What does it feel like?"
     Why? It helps to know that someone actually wants to understand.
5. "Do your (knees/hips/fingers) hurt?"
      Why? I'd rather you ask about specific joints opposed to "do your joints hurt?" since my joints ALWAYS hurt.

As terrible as this sounds I really can't think of anymore (while I can think of a whole laundry list of negatives.) Also, I am really sorry that I am posting this so late. Keep checking back to this post though because I will be adding more as they come to mind. Hope you're all having a lovely week!


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