Friday, March 16, 2012


   Hello fellow Blogatorians!
   I am ever so sorry for posting this so late! I know I have been slacking off a bit, so I'll try to make this post a little longer.
    Lately I have had more trouble with my arthritis than usual, which really stinks to be perfectly honest. I thought maybe the methotrexate was making a big improvement, but that was all swiped from me today. I had to wear a knee brace under my skirt (it's finally warm enough!). I was NOT happy about that, even though it's barely visible. Also, my right ankle has really been killing me to the point where I've been limping a little, which is so not okay. Surprisingly, my elbows have been bothering me a lot as well. Though they were the first joints to start hurting, they usually aren't nearly the worst.
    The worst of all right now is definitely my knees. It's like the pain spread downwards from my hips.
    Now to the deeper side....
    Today in language arts class I was just typing up my notes la-de-da-de-da when I decided to take off my bracelet (which happens to be an arthritis awareness bracelet) and set it on my desk, since it was uncomfortable to wear it and type my notes at the same time. "That's a pretty bracelet," my friend S. said kindly.
     "Thanks," I replied casually and then...lightbulb! I realized this was the perfect opportunity to teach her about my JRA. "It's actually an arthritis awareness bracelet."
     "Cool," she replied.
     "Wait, you said arthritis?" another one of my friends who was listening in on the conversation asked.
     "Yeah," I said. He knows I have arthritis.
     "Isn't there already enough awareness for arthritis?" he asked. Of course, he wasn't saying this in a derogatory* manner, he was just curious.
     "No," I said in a very straight-foward way, "There is plenty of awareness for osteoarthritis, which is your classic 'old person arthritis', but I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which is very different." I absolutely cannot stand it when people compare my arthritis to osteoarthritis.
     "Oh," he said in a sort of dumb-founded way. And inside I was all BAAAAAAM!!!!!!!!! I taught someone a lesson today. I don't mean that in an offensive way, just in case it came across that way.
     It really bothers me when certain people just don't smile and stand there thinking they're better than everyone. I can't understand why someone would enjoy that type of lifestyle. Isn't smiling fun? Because I know I absolutely love to smile. It's the best feeling in the whole entire world. But I do think that I smile too often. I wonder if people know whether I'm using my "I'm smiling because I feel obligated to" smile or my real smile. The real smiles are the ones that stick out to me in my mind.



*I cannot stand this word. Why I used it I have no idea.


  1. Too-da-loo! Hahaha

  2. This post is really cool, I totally understand where your coming from, I have juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Its really interesting to hear from people in a similar boat as me because lots of people my age just don't exactly "get it", they're always like "isn't that something old people have?" and I'm just like no kids and teenagers can have it too, well anyways I really enjoyed this post and hope you feel better soon! btw my email's if you ever want to chat!


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