Sunday, April 1, 2012

Growing Down

   I often witness adults telling children to "Grow up already!" when they do something immature. This is a frequent scenario in many public places. They become frustrated with young people and wish that the whole world was composed of adults. Well honestly, what fun would that be? We're the thinkers, the inspirers, the unreasonable ones. Some people grow out of youthfulness and the fortunate ones don't. As my grandma always tells me "I'm a kid at heart," (while biting the heads off of gummy bears). I believe this to be the perfect mindset. We cannot allow ourselves to be burdened by all of the trouble the world carries, because A) Jesus already did that and B) it's not like it's doing us any good. If everyone in the world took the advice of children, I can guarantee that it would be a much happier place. Honestly, I wish everyone had a swing set. Now those are pretty much the best things ever. I think when I'm a missionary one day, I'm going to bring people a Bible, a musical device, and a swing set.
   Plus, are adults really that much better than children for the most part? Maybe this is shallow, but I've met a lot of adults who are much less bright than a lot of middle schoolers I know. Maybe the goal should be to grow down, instead. Not in immaturity, but instead in creativity and independence. While I think a majority of people would tell you that immaturity decreases as age rises, I disagree. Adults have it set in their minds that they must act and live a certain way. At the end of the road, though, I'd rather say I took the one that was right for me over the one society expected me to.
   My mother wrote about my resistance to following the status quo in an assignment for school when she had to write a paper about me. It's true; I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. The goal isn't for people to necessarily agree. The goal is for eyes and minds to be open. I am very grateful to those who open mine.
   I have a turtle now. Some say he's an eraser, but I call him my bestie.

     Anyway, the other day his head almost broke off. I know, it's sad. Luckily my chorus teacher took up the task of performing surgery on it. To my dismay, one of my best friends held my turtle hostage and that did not help in Stan's (that's his name) recovery. Shame on you!
     I talked with Stan. The conversation when as follows:
Me: Hey, Stan, how's your neck doing?
Stan: (silent)
Me: Look, I know you must be sore and all, but I would really appreciate a response.
Stan: (Silent, stares at me)
Me: I'll get over it.
     Stan has also been through the mauling process by my kitten. I really feel for that little turtle.
     Oh, and for you who asked me, I learned how to play the F.U.N. Spongebob Song on ukulele.
     I need to find a godmother for Stan, but my two best candidates, who were two of my friends in my chorus class, have proven themselves to be irresponsible caretakers. If you would be interested in god-mothering Stan, contact me here. Also, I am possibly doing an arthritis walk in early May, so if anyone that knows me would like to tag along, please click the same link for god-mothering Stan and shoot me a quick email.
     A girl in one of my classes at school on Friday was astounded to learn that I know ASL (American Sign Language). I don't remember how it came up, but I do remember the after-conversation.

Person: Oh. My. Gosh. You actually know sign language? Like, you can do the whole hand thing?
Me: Nodding
Person: Okay, okay, okay say something!
Me: (Signing, not talking) Whenever people ask me to say something in sign language, I never know what to say. This just makes for a few awkward moments between us. 
Person: Ooh! What'd you say?
Me: Basically that I never know what to say when people ask me to say something.
Person: Haha, okay, well can you teach me how to spell my name?

     I taught her promptly, and she was giddy and pleased. I cannot stress the importance of learning another language enough. It opens so many doors. So far I only know ASL and English, but I hope to learn Spanish and French as well.
     My science teacher and I were debating about whether you can create matter or not. I said that it's possible, while he insisted it was not. Look, I know that there are laws stating that matter cannot be created nor destroyed, but let us remember that back in Christopher Columbus' time there were also laws saying that the Earth was flat. "We think we can't invent matter, so we say it's not possible. But just because we haven't figured it out yet doesn't mean it's not possible." I am telling you, the world is sooooooo not that logical.
     Thank you to my sister and mother for the best day ever.




  2. And I love you for it! Thank you! Hahaha do you remember when you got the real baby turtle but you had to give it back to the dentist???


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