Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Birthday Post

    Remember when I mentioned that over twenty different countries were viewing my blog? Well, now I'm up to forty! This is so exciting :)
    Plusssss today is my birthday. Which makes me feel like forty different countries is like a blog-present. I think I'm going crazy. And while we're on the subject, thank you for all the singing and the cards and the presents and the love today!!!!!!!!!!
     Everyone was asking me if I feel any different being a year older now, but honestly I don't. I'm still just me. I'm still just a person. I'm still going to write on this blog, I'm still going to play guitar until my fingertips are numb, and I'm still going to reread things excessively. So no, I do not feel any different. I still feel like me.
     I feel pretty neutral about birthdays. They're fun, sure, but I don't like how people get sad about them, especially older people. Who cares how old you are? Just have fun. Don't stop having fun. We were talking about retirement in geometry, and I casually mentioned that I don't ever want to really retire. Because the thing is I want to be a medical missionary, and it's not like I'm ever going to stop doing that. "If I did retire I'd at least be doing things," I told my friend, seeking a compromise.
    "Retirement is when you just sit and wait to die," he replied.
    "Why would you ever wait for it?" I laughed, "Trust me, it will come fast enough, it doesn't need to be waited for!" We laughed some, but really. I hope I'm never to the point where I'm not doing anything productive, whether it's traveling the world as a medical missionary, folding clothes for a homeless shelter, writing a book one finger tap at a time, or being an ear to listen.
    So happy birthday to me. I have to go to my chorus concert soon, and I am seriously debating about whether to curl or straighten my hair. It's naturally very wavy, so I'm thinking more along the lines of curling as that should be easier. But I don't really know for sure. Life's hardest decisions are the small ones.
     One more thing about birthdays: enjoy them, because you only get one a year.


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