Monday, May 14, 2012

Brainwashed by Society

   Hello everyone!
   Guess how great I am at getting Enbrel injections? Awesome!!!!!!!! I'm not trying to brag, but it is something I am proud of. 
    My arthritis hasn't been too bad this week, but it hasn't been great, either. My knees and ankles are the worst. I guess I'll just have to keep waiting for the Enbrel to kick in. I'm not bad at waiting. My patience isn't great, but it also isn't terrible. I'd say one and a half years of constant pain is a little too long to wait. 
    This week has brought about few miniature miracles for me. I know that sounds stupid, but seriously. I think I'll list them now, just to give you some perspective :)
  1. I got to sleep in school, during what I would label the worst thing ever that happens at our school. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. My friends had bread :D
  3. I am going to adopt another eraser turtle!!!!!!
    I will not elaborate on one and two, but I would very much like to tell you about number three. Since Stan's (my former eraser turtle) death, I have decided that I have had adequate time to move on and it is time to bring in another little turtle. 
    The new turtle has a light blue shell opposed to Stan's orange shell. He's quite adorable. I don't have a name for him yet, but he's definitely a boy. Email me with suggestions at I got some name suggestions as a response for my former post about this, but I haven't chosen yet. What do you think of the name Carl?
     So I always asked a lot of questions, and as I was thinking during my guitar lesson I began to wonder about major and minor keys. (If you don't know much about music, bear with me here. It'll get deeper in a moment, I promise.) We associate major keys with happiness and minor keys with sadness. But does that come naturally? Or is it something we're taught? Is it just because sadder songs tend to be in minor keys and happy songs tend to be in major keys?
     I asked my chorus teacher, and she said that it's more of something we're taught than a natural correlation between major and minor and moods. I get that, and I'm fine with that answer because I know that coming from her it's accurate. Let me tell you what I'm not okay with. I have been brainwashed by society. 
     Which got me to wondering what other concepts we're taught as if it's just normal but really we were just brainwashed into. Like the concept of people older than you knowing more than you. I think that really depends on what you count as "knowing". I don't consider more knowledge knowing more. I consider knowing more as how to get the very best out of life. And personally, I think preschoolers do that better than anyone else.
      What about the common thought that everyone should be able to pay attention and focus to an infinite degree? I think it's good that our minds are willing to drop something all together and explore something else. To be honest with you, I have trouble sitting through movies. They're too long and I'm too fidgety. Does that mean I have an issue? No! It means that I squeeze a lot of thoughts into a little bit of time.
       Or what about that, for the most part, eating fruit on bread is unacceptable? Listen, people. If you can eat jelly on bread, I can eat pineapple rings on bread. Who are you to tell me that's not normal? Deal with it.
       Why is red always love and blue always depression and green always growth? Is it wrong if I think of it in another way?
       What about the Jaws theme song? Why is it that every time I hear that I look around suspiciously? Why has society decided that it's a good idea to classify everything and associate it with something else? What if a major key is simply a major key, and a minor key is simply a minor key?
        Lastly, the most pressing question of all. Can we push through all of these misunderstandings, and will we be better people if we can?
Comment if you have any more examples of society brainwashing people. Hope I gave you something to think on!


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