Thursday, May 17, 2012

Metaphors and Moral Dilemmas

   It's been an unenjoyable week with my arthritis, to put it simply. It seems like the whole world is working around me but my stupid joints don't. I have to have special accommodations for testing, including that I don't fill in answer sheets (they severely irritate my finger joints). I am really getting annoyed with people, even my friends, saying they're "jealous" of me and all because I don't have to fill the answer sheets in. Let's get something straight. I would gladly trade with you. Keep your mouth shut.
    It is only when I am writing and when I am reading that I realize how much I love metaphors. Some people have asked me how I think of them (or how I come up with them, if you'd rather put it that way). I don't have an answer for this. I can't make up a simple formula that everyone wants to hear. When I'm writing, I don't think about using metaphors. I honestly think in a metaphorical way. Sometimes I even have to translate what I'm thinking out of a metaphorical phase and into a more logical statement before it comes out of my mouth. I'm not some dreamy lunatic, I just think outside of the box.
    I think that's where poetry steps in. It's so much easier to just collide all of my metaphoric thoughts in a poem than try to smush them all into an essay. By the way, I updated my Poetry Page! You should check it out ;)
    Apparently according to one of my friends I interpret music figuratively. For example, my absolute favorite song in the whole wide world is "Try Again" by Keane. That is pretty much the most gorgeous song ever. It's both sad and uplifting, inspiring and sympathetic. The instrumental background is gorgeous. There are not too many lyrics. It's simple and magnificent. I would strongly suggest that you listen to it. I promise you that you'll thank me later. Anyway, it has so many metaphors that I drown in the beauty of it all (well looky there, a metaphor!). 
    My friend Addie and I were talking about books awhile ago, and she mentioned a book that she said "seemed like a book I might like." She then proceeded to say, "It's all metaphorical and stuff, like you." We laughed, but that's the truth. I honestly have no idea how I remember that, but I remember random things. I'm pretty positive that we all do.
    I've been extremely interested in moral dilemmas lately. My driver person (it's complicated), Allie, took a philosophy course and whenever we would be at my house we would ponder some of them and discuss our opinions. If you don't know what moral dilemmas are, here's an example:

    Five men are tied to a train track. The train is approaching them. You are standing on a bridge above the train track. There is another man on the bridge. You know that if you push him over, it will stop the train and the five men will be saved. Do you push him over? If so, is life measured in numbers or quality?

     I find these incredibly intriguing. Some of them baffle me so badly. I honestly have no idea what I would do in a large number of the situations. I also think that it's great to reexamine your morals and what is really important to you. These are the things I do in my free time, everybody!
     They (no, I don't know who they is, thank you very much) say that math problems are good for your brain. But I believe that reading and contemplating metaphors and moral dilemmas is a significantly better workout for the human mind than any logical questions.


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