Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hot Air Balloons

    Prepare for one of the strangest analogies ever. There are reasons behind it, I swear.
    To completely understand this analogy, we're going to have to briefly review the different parts of a hot air balloon.* At the very top, you have the balloon itself. Apparently though, this name is not adequate, because the correct word is 'envelope'. So anyway, the envelope is going to represent life here. 
    At the very bottom, you have the basket. That is where the people ride. The passengers can control the elevation of the balloon with the burner. Attaching the envelope to the basket are ropes (yes, there's probably an official name, but I can't find it).
    So you can think of the envelope as life itself. The heartbeat keeping your blood pulsing. The breath your lungs are sucking in for the purpose of delivering the ever-so-important oxygen. The signals running from your nerves to your brain. However you want to think of it is fine.
     Then, there is the basket. That's just you. Pretend that you are not only riding in the basket, but you are the basket. You and the basket are one.
     The problem is that we are thrown these obstacles that threaten to snap apart the ropes. So we hold on as tightly as we can, and pray for some strength, and hope that things will recover, that our broken lives will one day be pieced together again.
     As you already know, we're on some strange journey that everyone labels "life". But if it is a journey, that means that we are moving. Sometimes, our balloons must pass through clouds, and everything is foggy and distorted and we don't know what to do. In these situations, we must keep steady, and keep going through, because if we stop nothing will ever get better. But are we just going deeper into the cloud, or out of it? Is it worth taking a chance?
    Of course, when we're in the midst of the cloud, everything looks the same, so it can be hard to tell if we're really moving or not. I think that's probably one of the hardest things of all. It's what I sometimes feel like, living with arthritis and more generally chronic pain. Am I really getting anywhere?


*I only included the major parts, so don't depend on my very limited knowledge of hot air balloons for anything of importance. 

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  1. That's a great analogy! I especially liked the part about the cloud. I can really relate to it. Keep up the good writing!


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