Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Heat Patch Fail

   I am ashamed of myself. 
   If you happened to read my last blog post, I mentioned that you should never, EVER, under any circumstance stick a heat patch directly onto your skin, because it WILL burn and I HAVE tried it before. So you'd think that being human and connecting actions to consequences, I wouldn't be stupid enough to do it again. 
   I did it again. 
   Okay, okay, let me explain myself. I usually get my heat patches at REI (link at the end of post), and they're really great, but I was in Las Vegas and headed to Alaska and I didn't have any more. So we bought these things that are supposed to go directly on your skin. I didn't end up wearing them in Alaska, but my back was flaring up today so I decided to try them. I read the instructions. I did what they said. So I get a little credit, right?
   Because even when I specifically told others and also myself that that is a very poorly thought out idea, I did it. I feel like I do that with many, many things. 
   There I am, sitting on the edge of my bed, sticking a heat patch directly to my skin. It didn't hurt at first, but then I discovered that I could barely bend down without getting it all wrinkled and messed up. Of course, that would be the moment when I needed to change my cute little studs with some awesome Canadian earrings. If there is one thing in this world that I am just pitifully miserable at, it's changing out of studs without dropping the earring or the back. Predictably, I dropped the backs twice and had to get my sister to pick them up. That is a heat patch fail if I've ever seen one. 
   It wasn't very hot at first, just uncomfortable, but then good gracious did that puppy heat up (for readers who translate, ignore the last sentence). All of the sudden, my back was burning hot and I was trying to put up with it. It's one of those decisions where you have to be like, "What's worse, arthritic back pain or the red burn that's about to appear on my back?" Well, I decided that arthritic back pain was worse and put up with it. 
   Then during Youth I was just about scalding my back so I took it off immediately afterwards. My back pain was nearly gone and my back stayed warm for a good hour or longer. I have to say, I'll probably do it again, even though it's a wee bit stupid.


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