Thursday, August 30, 2012

I'd Rather Have Blood Drawn Than...

   One thing that I know a lot of newly diagnosed sick kids worry about is getting blood drawn, especially for the first time. I made a list (I've been into lists lately) of things "I'd Rather Have Blood Drawn Than", and maybe it will give a bit of comfort, because they really aren't that bad.
   Blood draws are seriously my favorite part of rheumatology, because I can't think of any other good part. I could not care less about having blood drawn, and I've never worried about it or tensed up right before the needle went it. I just think, Yep, I'm about to feel this needle, while I'm texting with my other hand.
   Oh and while we're on the topic, ask for a butterfly needle. After you get to be a teenager (literally the first time I had blood drawn after I turned 13), they start using straight needles. Straight needles hurt. Butterfly needles don't hurt. Plus, they always say yes, even if they're a little annoyed. Seriously, if you take anything away from this blog post, let it be to ask for a butterfly needle.
   So without further ado, I'd rather have blood drawn than...

  • Rip off a Band-Aid
  • Take a test
  • Go to the state fair*
  • Have a shot or injection
  • Go to the dentist 
  • Touch the tip of a hot glue gun
  • Watch "House Hunters"**
  • Get a paper cut
  • Watch just about any movie 
  • Have water stuck in my ear
  • Make just about any decision 
  • Get stuck on an elevator
  • Have a rheumatology appointment


   *I don't like the state fair. The smell, the crowds, the uncleanliness, the lines, the activities, the dust, and the general obnoxiousness of it all. 
   **"House Hunters" is seriously the only show that I am just completely unable to watch. It's not a simple dislike (in the way the state fair is), it's pure hatred. 

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