Monday, August 27, 2012


    I have rheumatology tomorrow.
    Anyone want to speak on dread, or anxiety, or nervousness, or fear? Yeah, I hate these appointments, but they're necessary. The day after is always the worst because he has practically ripped my body apart at that point, and the next day is pretty much an arthritis reunion. All of the different joints that hurt at different times come together and kill me all at the same time. So Wednesday should be lovely. I'm trying to get exempt from my exams this year, too, but I need three or less absences, and that will not click with my arthritis, because I miss a lot of school. That's kind of a bummer, but I still think I'll try. Might as well.
   My joints have been pretty bad lately, so this is one of my more important appointments. And I do realize that this is a boring post, but I've gotten emails questioning my six-day-disappearance, haha.



  1. no i LOVE my rheumo. shes totally awesome and i like it when the docs do that thing with your joints.. when they take your hand and feel each joint, then feel around your lymph nodes. haha i love that, i do it to my friends sometimes. me and her work really well together in maintaining my jra (i dont have jia) so thats a definite plus ^.^

    i dont like doing the blood work tho. thats the torture part for me.

    also, i have other docs who are more impt really.. and what they say is always either really good or really bad (like going back in for surgery or something).

  2. Hi Rachel, have I said how well you blog (and forgotten I've already said so lol)? And how valuable this blog is?

    How does the 'reasoning' work, that you can be exempted if your condition is ok enough for you to keep getting to school, but not if it's worse than that...?! :o What's the 'logic' behind that rule?

    :) mand
    (fibromyalgia and other fluctuating stuff)

  3. Lana,
    I'm soooooo happy to hear that you like your pediatric rheumatologist! I find it surprising that you find the blood work to be hard. I find that to be the easiest part!

    Thank you so much! The only exemption is for religious holidays, so even with my arthritis 504 about missing extra days I have to follow the 3-day-criteria to be exempt. It's all about the hours.



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