Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Little Things

    I've been meaning to write this blog post for a while, but I feel that it's especially necessary now.
    I'm not going to specify my location at all, but I live near a very wonderful hospital. Now you're probably thinking great doctors, wonderful specialties, exceptional care, etc. But I'm thinking butterflies. In every rheumatology room I've been in so far, there have been one or two butterflies painted on tiles on the ceiling. They give me something to look at every time I'm laying down having my joints essentially ripped apart by Dr. Rheumy.
    I looked up the butterflies and later discovered that employees, patients, children, and volunteers painted those butterflies. I think that's really great, because in the midst of the awfulness that goes hand-in-hand with rheumatology appointments, it provides a way out. A reminder that the outside world still exists even if the world of health is crumbling. I'd like to just take a second and say thank you to all of these volunteers for all of their hard-work, and not just at my hospital, but at all of the hospitals around the world. It's not just butterflies, either. It's the brightly colored walls, the people playing with the toddlers in the waiting rooms, and the many pieces of paper scattered throughout the hospital with the names of ordinary citizens who have donated money in hope that a life could take a better course.
   All of these brings me to one point, which is that the little things matter just as much as the big ones. You don't have to be a pediatric rheumatologist, a fellow arthritis-bearer, or a saint to help a sick kid. It's the little things that really count. The friend that calls just to say, "How are you doing?", the card in the mail, the answering questions about your arthritis for you when you're having a tough day, the smile  that comes from hope and not happiness.
    People underestimate how important they are.


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