Saturday, February 2, 2013

Redeeming the Day

     Some days are bad.
     I think that as chronic illness patients and even just human beings we can all agree on that. Some days don't seem like they are ever going to end. Some nights make morning seem eight hundred million years away.
     I have a little trick to making days like this better. It doesn't completely turn the day around and it is not some miracle cure. It won't make you look back at the day with great joy, but it might pull you through the moment.
      On bad days especially, I try to do one thing that makes the day worth it. I was walking out of school on a kind-of-not-great day when I saw a butterfly that couldn't fly. Knowing that it was going to be trampled in a matter of seconds if I left it, I picked it up and moved it to a safer location. It doesn't seem like a big deal (and wasn't), but it made my day worth waking up to. Of course, I don't just magically find wounded butterflies on every not-perfect day. Sometimes it is just giving a compliment, or holding the door for someone. It is doing something to improve the world that may not have been done if you hadn't chosen to stop letting your illness control you and move on with your life.
     These little actions do not make the day good. At the end of the day, even the day when I lent a hand to that beautiful little butterfly, I go to bed without a smile on my face. But we don't have to smile every day, because we aren't robots. Not smiling all the time is what sets us apart. We live and we breathe and we cry and we smile and we dance and we fall.
     This isn't a long post and I don't feel the need to make it any longer to be perfectly honest. I've got a lot on my mind...


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