About Me

   My name is Rachel and I am busy playing music, thinking about things in a deeper fashion, and being a teenager. I am battling polyarticular juvenile rheumatoid/idiopathic arthritis, a disease that not only makes it difficult and painful to move but makes me stand out in the youthfulness of all of my friends. I am learning to maintain a joy not based on my situation but on my personal motivation and my devotion to Jesus. I still struggle with fears, frustrations, and disappointment. I write this blog for other kids with arthritis and chronic illnesses, for my friends, and for anyone going through a lot or a little. 
   I absolutely adore butterflies of all different kinds. They make me so happy, and I don't even know why. I love piano, and it is definitely one of my favorite activities (besides water therapy, of course!). I like to play current songs and music is my way of expression. I also play cello, ukelele, guitar, and handbells.
   I talk too fast and get frustrated too easily. I try to juggle too many things at once, and I over-think situations to the point where they are paths so run over that every last nub of grass is gone. I am indecisive and do not make decisions easily. I am messy but organized in my own little way (or, if you asked my mother, just messy). I am extremely stubborn, which is probably my worst quality. 
  So how does arthritis affect me? Well, I have a very hard time walking around, writing, bending down, and pretty much anything else that involves movement. I used to be a dedicated lacrosse player and horseback rider, but these activities have both stopped due mainly to intense pain. I even have trouble walking up and down the halls, around the grocery store, and etc. Of course, some days are better than others. On the bad days, though, I begin to wonder what tomorrow will feel like. Arthritis has changed me and twisted me and brought me closer to some things and further away from others.  Now you know way more than you probably wanted to know about me. I hope this information will make it easier for you to read my blog, and I truly hope that you get something out of it all. 

Useful Info:
  • I have a heating pad. His name is Henry. I refer to him as Henry.
  • I go to church and have a strong faith. I am a Christian. 
  • I am younger than all of my peers, because I skipped a grade.
  • I have a lot of supportive people in my life.
  • Poetry is an important aspect of my writing. If I write a sad poem, I am not necessarily sad. If I write a happy poem, I am not necessarily happy. Also, the poems are usually not posted on the same day that they are written, so that is important to keep in mind.
  • I occasionally make-up words.*
  • Osteoarthritis is unrelated to JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis).
  • I am happy to answer ANY questions, whether I know you or not, whether you have arthritis or not, no matter where you live, and no matter how young/old you are.
  • The best way to contact me is email. I can usually get back to you within a couple days (most of the time quicker than that.) My email address is thekidwitharthritis@gmail.com or you can just click here.
  • I love you.

*Or, according to Taylor, frequently. 


  1. Hi! Sorry I had to post here but this is the only way I saw that I could contact you! This is all new to me and I and some questions for you. After readin your "About Me" I saw you are doin water therapy. I start this week and I'm wonerin what you do. Also does the therapy person stay with you in the pool all the time or do they let you swim by yourself? Also i was wonderin where you had arthritis and if you had anythin that helps with certain areas. I have it in my hands, wrist, shoulder, knees, and ankle. I also have this hand cream called Two Old Goats Arthritis lotion that seems to help.

    Plz reply soon

  2. Hi,
    No problem! I actually don't do water therapy anymore, but I swear by it! I had the most fun therapist ever and amazing memories were created. My water therapist stayed in the pool the whole time with me, but she sometimes let me swim by myself as long as I was supervised. We used to do things such as basic walking, stretching, swimming, and even diving for weights. I have arthritis in my toes, ankles, knees, hips, elbows, fingers, wrists, back, and possibly jaw. For most of my joints besides my jaw and back, I use a heating pad from Walgreens, named Henry. It works like a charm!
    I think that if you click on my profile on the right you can send me a personal message, but if not, it's fine to comment like this. Best of luck!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    My name is Kerri. I was diagnosed with systemic JRA at age 6. I'm now 30 years old (turning 31 in October). I was just wondering if you had a Facebook and/or Twitter page to follow you through?



Feel free to comment or shoot me an email - thekidwitharthritis@gmail.com I'll try to get back to you either way!