How You Can Help

     1. Educate yourself on JRA/JIA and chronic illnesses in general. This will make every other step a whole lot easier.

     2. Be a friend to those with chronic illnesses. It is the support of others that has helped me more than medications. This is the most important thing you can do for other kids and teens with JRA.

     3. Donate to the national arthritis foundation. You will find this link beneficial: 

     4. Give to your local children's hospital. 

   5. Reach out by volunteering in hospitals. There was once a group of college-age students I came across that were providing entertainment and activities in the pediatric waiting room for some of the younger kids. These activities included coloring sheets, Wii, and read-alouds. 

   6. Encourage making spaces and transportation easier for disabled people. If you work at a store, consider bringing up a way that the store could make navigating easier for people in wheelchairs. 
      Ex. "Maybe we could move that stand over there. It might be hard for a wheelchair to get through."

     7. Try to understand, but accept that you can't.

     8. Just listen. Advice is not always necessary. It is much more rare and special to find a good listener than an advanced advice-giver.

It may seem a little complex or hard to accomplish, but don't worry, you can do it!!!!!!!

Courtesy of my friend L.W.


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  1. I hope you will one day find a medication that will help with your pain. I also have RA but did not get it until this year.(I am 53) The Methotrexate has thus far worked for me. I have found one thing that helps me. When I start to think about what will happen to me later(meaning tomorrow or next year or when ever) or when I worry about something that happened a few days ago, I scream(STOP).It makes me come back and live for today. Today might not be what we want, but so many people do not live for right now. They worry about yesterday or tomorrow and do not live in the right now and I think it is a shame to waste now as we are not promised tomorrow.


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